The beginning

I distinctly remember my first blog in 2006. It was hosted by a blogging site that I’m not sure still exists now, and my layout was as dark as my heart your then-favorite emo band’s guyliner.

I can fondly recall the 90-degree image of a favorite anime character as my header, and how I pestered the layout artist to help me get the codes right. It drove me crazy how the website looked great on Firefox and completely appalling on Internet Explorer. That, I think, is one of the troubles any blogger had to go through back then. It was fun, exhausting, and an eye-opener (to the world of HTML and CSS).

My blog back then was just pretty much what a blog is (or was): a web log. My sort of online diary of what goes on in my day, and when I got too lazy to write a decent paragraph, I wrote in bullets. In my sidebar were my blogroll and tons of 50-by-50-pixel icons that represent a fandom, conveniently tucked under the header “Fanlistings”. I’m not sure if they still exist today, but back then they were colorful, sometimes glittery, sometimes in the form of gifs. They make me cringe internally now when I think about them.

Almost as expected, I got bored with my only blog, and the appeal of other platforms lured me to leaving my host and starting over under a different username and URL. It was then a cycle: I jumped from one host to another—Blogspot, TabulaRasa, LiveJournal, WordPress, FreeWebs, and Multiply. I designed my own layouts inspired by music, film, anime, games, sports, colors, patterns, and whatnots. I had so much fun doing them that I’d thought it was even more fulfilling than making actual content for the site.

And my blog, regardless of where it was hosted, was still just what it was the first time: an online journal… still with bulleted entries.

Just the same, I wrote about everything and anything. It was a hodgepodge of a teenager’s overly active and often unidentifiable thoughts.

This continued onto what I thought would be my last and stable blog—my Tumblr account. This was my writing paradise and it lasted for years. My Tumblr blog was like the extension of my mind when it was in its contemplations-in-the-shower mode. I posted prose, poetry, travel entries, thoughts on movies and music, my experiments with photography and Photoshop, and, to my embarrassment sometime after, stories that are way too personal. (I had long deleted them, thank goodness.)

At some point, I attempted to streamline my content more. I wanted to put some vision into my blogging. I had it all laid out in my head and in my drafts. But then, as they say, life happened. I went back to school to pursue Interior Design (another story for another time), and juggled my studies with corporate work. I barely had time to breathe, let alone blog.

Ultimately, my Tumblr fell on an indefinite hiatus… with the occasional pop-ups of prose or poetry when a broken heart, a sad song, or a tragic story inspired me to write. Kidding, but not really.

While my blog(s) struggled to survive on their own all those years, the blogosphere was shaping up to be something quite different; it has come a long way from how I first learned about it. You already know what it is now, I assume.



After graduating again in November of last year, I finally had time to consider my Tumblr blog. I assessed its sorry state, if there was any way I could revive it. I decided that there was none, not because it’s too old, but because it was still too personal that I want to keep it private this time. I want to have it as something I could look back into and laugh about like it was an inside joke between me and the internet.

December came and one of my professors asked me to write about anything Interior Design-related for the Modern Living section of the Philippine Star. It wasn’t the first time that he asked me to write an industry-related piece—I contributed a few articles to our school’s 50th anniversary coffee table book—but it was daunting to say the least! I don’t think I’ve earned the authority to talk about an Interior Design topic on national paper, but I took the challenge because I had no choice I realized that the only way for me to learn this kind of literature was to try it for myself.

So, I passed him my two-part piece. After a couple of weeks, there it was on the paper, my article! It was an overwhelming feeling of kilig.

Soon after, I realized that what made me happy more than the fact that I was published, was the that I got to share to readers (well, I hope at least one person did read it) what I know about Interior Design, even while I’m still on the process of learning the craft myself. It was so much fun putting together my love for both writing and Interior Design; I didn’t know it was possible for me!

It made me think, “Heeey…”

And that, my friends, is what inspired me to get back to a blog host, put up this website, and at least attempt to create a more curated and visionary blog. It still is a personal journal, but what I will document are my journey of growing in my industry, and a few other interests in between, those being travel, food, art, and photography. There have been instances in the past (i.e., Tumblr days) when I got tempted to try writing about style, beauty and pop culture; I think they can be a great conversation piece and I have a lot to learn about them, too. So, I will try, but that’s not a promise, just a we’ll-see-how-it-goes thing.

All these while I create my own writing style that would best suit each topic. I’m big on fiction and creative writing, they are my ultimate comfort zone, but blogging is totally different!

This venture is as daunting as my first time writing for a broadsheet, if not more. However, as with my experience there, I see this as a learning process, as well (I love learning about almost everything, if you still haven’t noticed by now). I hope to be able to share with you what I know, what I will know and how, and I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I would most definitely enjoy creating.

And that’s the story here at 11am*.

Thank you for dropping by and reading up to this point! It’s a long story, yes. Loved reminiscing and writing it, though, so I hope you had fun somehow!

*11am, because it’s my usual waking time whenever I’m free from the evil shrill of an alarm, and it’s a song of one of my favorite bands. Guess who?



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