How are you feeling today?

The question seems so simple that sometimes you might find yourself perplexed over how you can’t suitably answer. Life has become too fast and complicated these days, and keeping up with it daily can take a toll on your health and overall happiness. A lot of factors contribute to one’s stress—the workplace, finances, terrible traffic conditions, relationships, and so on. And at the end of the day, you go back to the one place that should harbor you safe from all the trials and tribulations of the day—your home.

As you step into your door, have you ever asked yourself how your house makes you feel?

There is a fine line between having an abode that instantly provides comfort and having a house that adds to the strains of the day. The elements of your dwelling being your stress-relief may not be as obvious an answer as with retail therapy or a night out with your best buds, but your immediate environment truly affects your disposition despite how subtle it might be. Here are some essential elements in your house that, with a little tweaking, can make the place your healing haven:

Space Planning

It’s always a mood-booster to see something that you love, whether it’s your favorite artwork, a special photograph or a memorable souvenir. You can create a focal point with this piece to provide a beautiful first impression that can help you relax upon entering the house. As you go further inside your dwelling, it is important that you have enough space to move around; make it a point that the furniture in your common areas, as well as in the private ones, are arranged in such a way that foot traffic flows smoothly, and that the risk of stubbing your toe is close to none. Furthermore, having a lot of unnecessary items in small spaces builds anxiety. The key is to de-clutter and organize your daily rubble. You can use stylish containers to segregate and store articles that you use regularly and occasionally. This way, you can also save yourself the hassle of turning your house inside-out looking for a specific item in the future.


A lot of people take lighting for granted despite its significant role in our day to day activities. Having proper lighting at home is another means to reduce your stress. For busy areas, such as the kitchen, where you have certain methodical chores done, make sure that you have ample and cool lighting to illuminate your activity. Overhead lights that cast shadows on your counter, and by extension on your task at hand, exhausts your eyes and hampers your productivity. Providing light in the right angle helps you move more efficiently and lessens the risks of injury. The same applies to your study area if you must bring your work home with you.

For locations where you ultimately unwind such as your living room and bedroom, it is best to use fixtures that diffuse warm light. The whole room does not necessarily have to be starkly lit up, as bright lights can be too harsh for your eyes when you try to wind down at the end of the day. You can use spot lighting beside your sofa or bed for reading, and you can also use dimmers to have more control over the mood that you want to set for your space. For the budget-conscious, three-way lights are available in the market; they offer the choices of warm white, cool white and daylight white with having just one light fixture. Illuminating focal points in your room can also add an elegant flair to your space which gives off that luxurious vibe that you might need for de-stressing.


It’s my first time writing this kind of article! I have no idea how its mediocrity passed their standards, but I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me. How is it, though? I have so much to learn!

Originally published in the Philippine Star’s Modern Living section.




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