I look at the colors of my clothes the way I look at colors in Interior Design. Comfort zone: I would have a dominant hue which I pair with neutrals. Sometimes, I would add a complementary color to highlight a feature, or sometimes, I’d go for the color’s varying tones or shades for a monochromatic approach.


This is pretty much how this outfit goes. To be honest, the color inspiration is the same with the interiors of a friend’s condo unit, haha!

When it’s too bright you can hardly open your eyes

If it’s an every-day-outfit, then I’m big on basic and comfortable clothing; comfortable meaning it doesn’t feel like a wearable sauna is stuck to my skin, and I can run in it without falling over and/or having wardrobe malfunction. Not that running is a necessity, but you get the idea.


These culottes that I got from Ximending in Taipei last year were my best find during that trip! Versatile, fits perfectly, and it has pockets! It’s been having a major moment in my favorites list since then.

Because it’s the perfect neutral gray for me, I paired it with teal and white to give off that cool color scheme. Added a bit of warmth and a darker shade through my bag in army green.

So, what do you think? How do you combine colors in your outfit?

[Thank you @aiskidoo for the photos!]

Blog BTS!


I promise to wear more accessories next time. Sorry, Mom. (She often says I’m too plain, LOL *scratches head*)


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