A short visual diary on our drive to Tagaytay for @aiskidoo‘s birthday. One spontaneous, heart-is-full Thursday. Happiest of birthdays, partner! (Also an experiment on post-processing photos. I’m so rusty, *cry*)


A constant view, sans the constant strong wind. It was a chilly, overcast day.


Birthday girl. Thank you for doing whatever pose I ask you to do when I take your photos!


For some reason, this reminds me of the film, “The Garden of Words”.


Gorgeous as always!


Who knew?

There's beauty in emptiness.

There’s beauty in emptiness.


The pattern on her dress matches the quatrefoil balustrade.


Candid photos almost always turn out to be the better ones.


Glass and wrought iron make a timeless combination.


And of course: food. This, among all the others we ate that day.

Video to follow! In the meantime, what do you think of this light, matte look on my pictures? I’m still experimenting on the kind of treatment I want to give my photos; I’m not into bright and vivid hues, so I play with a lot of browns, curves and de-saturation. I like the effect so far, but I’m wary of using this technique when I have to post-process beach photos (summer is coming!). Guess I’ll cross the bridge when I get there? It’d be my OCD for consistency versus the pursuit of beautiful beach photos! Comments are welcome!




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