It was Hat Day, that day. We hit the road bound for the (developed) mountains for some relaxation, catching up and bonding in the form of a mini photoshoot. What we didn’t expect was the wind constantly blowing so strong, we barely had any decent photos because we kept chasing our hats flying off our heads. Either that, or our hair kept ending up on our faces. Fun times!


This is what I wore. Black and white will never go out of style! Might not be visible, but I wore gold sandals to match with my watch and the metallic accents on my bag.


Glad to have found some areas where the wind wasn’t too keen on making everything soar.


I wore a black choker so my décolletage wouldn’t be so bare.

No matter how difficult it was to keep the hat on my head, it was still a good decision to bring it because it somewhat tamed the wind-blown mess that was my hair.

I wasn’t sure of the temperature (most people around were in jackets), but my shoulders and whole being were literally cold. Do they show in the photos? 100 points to me for dressing inappropriately! But for the sake of photos, tiis! On the other hand, I wish the normal temperature in Manila was this low. It’d be great for some light layering of clothes even for every day wear (and I’ll be dressing appropriately by then).


Pinstripes on my top. It’s all in the details.


The only chance I could leave my hat was going to a different venue. By this time, my hair was so sticky from the gusts that the frizz became under control, haha.

Strong winds, soaring hats and hair, confused restaurant details, tired feet from driving. There were quite a handful of unexpected things on this day, but the important part was making them into enjoyable and memorable moments! As what my friend captioned in one of her photos, this day was raw, chill, and loved. And I couldn’t agree more!

[Thank you @aiskidoo for the photos!]

Blog BTS!

The wind was so relentless, it turned my maxi skirt into leggings: 06-bts


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