When Pantone released its color of the year for 2017, the company brought attention to the rejuvenation the world needed amongst the unfavorable political and social climate of the previous year. Greenery, a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade” reflects the birth of nature’s greens in the early days of spring season. The color is a call back to the comfort of nature, as it evokes a sense of reinvigoration. A color for restoration and revival, having this in your home or even in a commercial zone, will surely bring in the relaxing outdoors into your space. And what better way to incorporate this color than to look at the earth’s inherent beauty for inspiration? Here are some Greenery color schemes reimagined from nature:

DEEP FOREST. This palette is envisioned from the hues of a quiet and still forest. Dark olive green, some shades of lavender and varying strengths of warm grays are paired with Greenery to evoke a calming yet regal tranquility. With gray as your neutral base, you can play around with tones of lavender for your dominant color. For your accent pieces and accessories, you can use the greens and hints of darker grays. This will also anchor the elements together.


DUSTY ROSE. Another palette where you can integrate Greenery is a scheme inspired by a pale rose. The pinks in this collection carries a dainty and feminine impression, as well as a peaceful and healthy glow, while the old rose color subtly adds a sentimental atmosphere. The earthy colors of beige and green complements the pinks to form a gentle and romantic ambiance. For a practical tip, your furnishings or accessories in last year’s Rose Quartz color can blend in well with this color palette.


TROPICAL BLISS. On the opposite of the mood spectrum is this color combination inspired by the views of the beach and the sea. Bright blues are paired with browns, while the greens act as the transition color. This scheme, reminiscent of the summer season and ‘the great escape’, brings into mind a change in scenery. When used for the interiors, the blue gives off an inviting and friendly atmosphere, while the green adds an organic taste to the mood. Brown is a versatile color that can be used in varying strengths and lightness, and it provides warmth to the interiors.


RETRO TANGERINE. If you want to go bolder with your hues, this mix selected from a bountiful orange tree are your fun-loving colors. The yellow of this palette bubbles with joyful vitality, while the flame color adds heat and a sociable ambiance to the space. If used with equally bold and loud patterns, this combination speaks ‘retro’. To tone this down a notch, use the Greenery as your transition color to pull in your cool neutrals of grays and some tints of aqua. The overall effect would be a room energized by the colors of a sunny day.


A sense of going back to nature is almost always a subconscious thought native to anyone who continues to live in this world’s unstoppable modernity. The need for creating a space influenced by the intrinsic grandeur of Mother Earth comes unsurprisingly. With Pantone declaring Greenery as “nature’s neutral”, designers and enthusiasts alike are presented with innumerable options to conjure up one’s color palette. All it takes is one good look at your natural surroundings to get inspired.


Originally published in the Philippine Star’s Property section.


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