I’ve recently (and finally!) made purchases from the local hair and skin care brand, Beachborn! After reading a lot of good reviews about their products, and since I’ve been all for natural ingredients whenever I can get them, I decided to give their offers a go. You can find their catalog on the link above or on their Instagram page here.

Before moving onto what I bought, let me put on record how smooth and fast I was able to transact with them. I was on my way to the bank when I sent them a message on Viber asking if I could order there instead, as I was kind of in a jiffy. I wasn’t even able to send a proper order form but they accommodated me just as well! I paid on a Monday, got my orders on Wednesday.

It’s been almost a week, and here are my first impressions on the goodies I bought! Listing them down from my least favorite to my most loved!

HEALING TONER. If you’ve read my skincare essentials post, you’d know I’m pretty happy with my routine. I didn’t think I’d be needing a face mist, but the impending summer season has already proven way too hot for my comfort, so I thought I’d get this product to refresh my face once in a while. I’m sad to say after two days of using this, I got a pimple on my right cheek and temple, and a couple of small ones on the left side of my face :( I’m not sure if the toner is really the cause of those blemishes (I’ve been stressing out at the same time, too), but I’ve stopped using it for now. I’m still hopeful that my face would adjust to it, so I will still try it out but on a different step on my usual routine. I’ll also bring it to the beach and see how it fares there. On another note, if you worry that this might make your face oily or your make up smudgy–I’m happy to report that it won’t! At least in my case :) Skincare gods, please make this work for me; I would very much love to have my face on friendly terms with witch hazel and lavender.

CLASSY NOT BRASSY. For someone who’s always been dying her hair since 2008, I don’t know why on earth I haven’t tried using purple shampoo before. I used to be the “oh, when the hair turns copper, dye it again with a different color!” kind of girl. It totally damaged my hair and now it’s a frizzy mess, and I don’t even know what color it is. Late last year, I decided to give my hair a rest. I’m now on that phase where I’m trying to patiently grow out all my dyed hair, hoping to get my natural tresses back. Might take five years, but ugh, good luck to me. I got this purple shampoo to at least minimize the weird hue of my hair. So far, I’ve only used this once, so I haven’t seen a significant change in my hair’s color yet. But on the first use, I can say it foams up quite richly, and it smells good, too, in that natural-ingredients-kind-kind-of-way. It also did dry out my hair a bit, so I guess I’ll have to use conditioner whenever I put this on my head. Trying this out more often this week to see results!

BAM BALM. Burt’s Bees has been my lips’ savior, and never have I imagined there would be a contender! I’m glad to report that this lip scrub-and-balm works so well! I use this in the morning before putting any lip product, and at night before bed. In between, I still use my Burt’s Bees balm when needed, since I don’t want to exfoliate my lips too much in a day. Bam Balm delivers on its promise of softer, smoother, plumper lips; sometimes I don’t even have to wear any lip color at all because it makes my lips naturally pink (my lips’ normal state is deathly pale, if you have to know).

SUNSET SPRAY. The last on my list, and my most loved Beachborn product so far is this hair leave-on spray! I’m so happy to have found a product that can manage the frizz, make the locks smoother, and add shine! Never a day has gone by without me using this since I got the product last week. After washing my hair, I dry it up just until no water drips, spray this on generously, comb my hair, and leave it to work its magic. Sunset Spray has earned a permanent spot in my routine! Beachborn, please don’t ever stop making this product!

That’s it for my Beachborn haul! Have you tried their products? What are your favorites? If you support other local brands, as well, I’d love to know about them! I have a couple of local shops in mind for my next haul-and-first-impressions posts, but I’d love to hear from you!




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