I’ve recently (and finally!) made purchases from the local hair and skin care brand, Beachborn! After reading a lot of good reviews about their products, and since I’ve been all for natural ingredients whenever I can get them, I decided to give their offers a go. You can find their catalog on the link above or on their Instagram page here.

Before moving onto what I bought, let me put on record how smooth and fast I was able to transact with them. I was on my way to the bank when I sent them a message on Viber asking if I could order there instead, as I was kind of in a jiffy. I wasn’t even able to send a proper order form but they accommodated me just as well! I paid on a Monday, got my orders on Wednesday.

It’s been almost a week, and here are my first impressions on the goodies I bought! Listing them down from my least favorite to my most loved!




It was Hat Day, that day. We hit the road bound for the (developed) mountains for some relaxation, catching up and bonding in the form of a mini photoshoot. What we didn’t expect was the wind constantly blowing so strong, we barely had any decent photos because we kept chasing our hats flying off our heads. Either that, or our hair kept ending up on our faces. Fun times!

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They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I say… I can’t even do five days. I can’t handle doing routine work for a week, let alone three. This is exactly why I never got around establishing a solid workout routine, or drinking daily supplements, or sleeping and waking up on a regular schedule. If this was a fatal flaw, then I’d be dead by now!

I know, it can be good for me to form some beneficial habit, but I guess I have yet to find out what works for me. So, imagine my surprise when I looked back on my pseudo-planner from last year and found out I’ve been doing my skincare regimen for more than three months now! Yay, me! That can only mean I’ve finally found what works for my skin, and I’m loving the convenience and effects so far. Long post after the cut!

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